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Stake, launch and grow your community with the PolyientX Vaults, Farms and Marketplace protocol.

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A new way
to launch

The PolyientX protocol provides a new path to launching your NFT project. Leverage your supporters' NFT assets to mint and distribute utility and governance tokens, reward marketplace participation and build sustainable economies.

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Stake NFTs in Vaults to earn fungible or NFT rewards from a variety of projects.


Buy and sell project NFTs in the Marketplace where all fees are accrued by users, not shareholders.

Time Locked Rewards

Distribute rewards and encourage participation through time locked staking.

Supporting NFT communities
of all types


Leverage in-game NFTs to extend and incentivize player participation.

Art and Collectibles

Build a group of loyalists and support your most rabid fans.


Connect to new layers of composability in the DeFi stack.


Enable fair launch participation and empower community action.

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Ape In

Ape In is using PolyientX as its main marketplace and to power enhancements to its collectible dapp.

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Rate Network

Rate Network is using PolyientX to bootstrap the token economy for their NFT data network.

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Projects Using PolyientX


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