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Bored Apes
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Bored Apes

Web3 tools to deliver NFTs, merch, digital goods, reward tokens and more +

The Humanoids
Bored Ape Yatch Club
Alien frens
Alien fren
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The Humanoids
Bored Ape Yatch Club


Who can benefit from web3 rewards?

Whether you're delivering on a project roadmap or extending your brand's reach, PolyientX can help you create meaningful rewards for web3 communities.


Level up your roadmap
with extra NFT utility.


Get real rewards from the
communities you support.


Bring your brand to the
forefront of web3.

As seen in


Reward drops for anything you can dream up

Merch, digital goods, and more +

Deliver compelling reward drops that excite your community.

Collaborate with NFT communities

Target a reward drop toward one or more communities. Go niche or go broad - it's up to you.

Engage web3 audiences today

Easily engage NFT communities by rewarding participation and engagement.


Reward tokens to enhance community engagement

A flexible way to earn

Provide your community with reward token to earn perks, benefits and exclusive experiences. 

Level up utility

Add utility to NFTs by pairing a reward token with utility, governance or purchases.

Set rules of engagement

Empower your community to grow and earn with flexible NFT staking rules. 


Need help getting started?

Not sure where to start or how to effectively bring your brand into web3? Lean on our experience to jumpstart your move. We can help simplify the learning curve and craft a strategy to get your NFT project to market.

Contact us about custom consulting and development services, including:

  • NFT minting services
  • Web3 education and onboarding
  • Rewards-based engagement strategies

Ape Island

Ape In is using PolyientX to create reward tokens for collectors that can be used in their unique game experience that blends Defi and NFTs.

Crypto Mandala

Project Mandala uses PolyientX’s NFT staking tools to distribute reward tokens to their holders who then can participate in the Mandala ecosystem, including opportunities to farm and earn further rewards.


Vevue is innovating in the creator space with its rewards-based video platform. Holders of the Vevue Founder Key NFT earn VPAY rewards in the PolyientX VFK vault.

Why Rewards?

Extended Utility

Keep your supporters motivated while building out long-term roadmaps.


Incentivize positive community interaction by offering value beyond the art.

Exclusive Access

Create buzz and demonstrate the value of membership.

Project Loyalty

Deliver long-lasting benefit to your supporters and turn them into your top evangelists.

Brand Exposure

Get your brand in front of a new and valuble market...the web3 way.

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