Engaging rewards for Web3 communities

What are Drops?

Drops are a simple, engaging way to deliver rewards to NFT communities. Creators and brands can use a drop to reward participation in their community or drive engagement with complementary NFT projects.

How does it work?

A drop sponsor, usually a creator or brand, identifies the audience and reward. Eligible NFT holders claim a drop reward by connecting their wallets to prove they own a qualifying NFT.

What types of rewards?

We can help a drop sponsor deliver nearly any reward they can dream up. Here are just a few ideas for drops:

  • NFTs
  • Merch & physical goods
  • Allow list registration
  • Tokens
  • Gated digital content (PDFs, Music, Videos, web pages)
  • Events passes
  • Coupon codes
Create a Drop

Using our white-glove service, we help creators and brands identify the target audience, choose an appropriate reward and determine fulfillment logistics. After defining the drop, we work with your team to launch, monitor progress and review engagement analytics.

Whether you're an NFT native or just getting started in web3, we can help you create a compelling reward drop. Get in touch to learn more about sponsoring a drop.

Why Rewards?

Extended Utility

Keep your supporters motivated while building out long-term roadmaps.


Incentivize positive community interaction by offering value beyond the art.

Exclusive Access

Create buzz and demonstrate the value of membership.

Project Loyalty

Deliver long-lasting benefit to your supporters and turn them into your top evangelists.

Brand Exposure

Get your brand in front of a new and valuble market...the web3 way.