Supercharge your community with a reward token

Why reward tokens?

Reward tokens provide a new way for community members to earn exclusive perks, benefits and experiences. Brands and creators can enhance the community experience through extended interaction and utility by pairing a game or app with a reward token.

How can they be used?

Reward tokens can unlock unique content, merch, and exclusive experiences while opening up exciting, new revenue streams for creators and their communities.

How are they earned?

Community members stake their NFTs in a PolyientX vault to earn reward tokens. NFT holders receive your reward token based on the rules that you define, such as:

  • Time an NFT has been held by a wallet
  • Holding one or multiple distinct NFTs
  • Metadata properties within an NFT

Rewards without the risk

The PolyientX vault system uses off-chain staking (aka "soft staking") to maintain flexibility while minimizing community risk. Typical staking systems require NFT holders to lock their NFT in a smart contract. This requirement exposes community members to unnecessary risk and removes the NFT from the owner's wallet.

With PolyientX vaults, your community can earn rewards in a low-risk staking system that doesn't take custody of their beloved NFTs.

Why Rewards?

Extended Utility

Keep your supporters motivated while building out long-term roadmaps.


Incentivize positive community interaction by offering value beyond the art.

Exclusive Access

Create buzz and demonstrate the value of membership.

Project Loyalty

Deliver long-lasting benefit to your supporters and turn them into your top evangelists.

Brand Exposure

Get your brand in front of a new and valuble market...the web3 way.