PX Drops

Connect with the Web3 community by sponsoring a Drop

Sponsored reward drops help creators and businesses engage with Web3 communities through custom-tailored incentives. Anything you can dream up — physical merchandise, digital items, coupon codes, event passes, etc. — can be offered to a specific audience of NFT holders.

Why sponsor a drop?

PX Drops can help established brands or companies get started with NFTs and Web3 by leveraging their existing products and services to create reward drops for nearly any NFT community.

With PX Drops you can:

  • Connect to Web3 audiences without creating your own NFTs
  • Reach tech-savvy, high-value audiences
  • Promote your brand alongside a unique reward
  • Collaborate with other brands or target multiple NFT communities for increased audience exposure

Ready to learn more?

A sponsored drop is an exciting way for your company to take its first steps into Web3 and NFTs. Book a 20-minute call with our team to learn more.

Why Rewards?

Extended Utility

Keep your supporters motivated while building out long-term roadmaps.


Incentivize positive community interaction by offering value beyond the art.

Exclusive Access

Create buzz and demonstrate the value of membership.

Project Loyalty

Deliver long-lasting benefit to your supporters and turn them into your top evangelists.

Brand Exposure

Get your brand in front of a new and valuble market...the web3 way.